1877 Phono - Who is this company?

Has anyone out there ever tried product from this company?


Specifically "The Spirit" phono connect, which retails around $110

One of the local retailers has some of the range in store, so I had a chance to have a touchy-feely and their quality seems very good, but with the nylon sheathing on everything these days it's difficult to really tell

Apparently, it's made in Taiwan.
Dear Williewonka: 1877 phono is a Canadian resident company.

regards and enjoy the music,
I rewired my JVC UA-7082 arm with their copper wire and am satisfied with the performance.
I used the Spirit phono box for a bit. Served the purpose quite well. The junction was neutral in tone. Only negative I encountered was the cable wasn't the most flexible, possibly due to the sheathing. I also have their Majestic phono cable, with similar issues and results.