1700 on a whole system-could I have done better?

I had $1700 budget for a whole system in the used market and I already have all the cables needed. I ended up getting the following:
Alon 2 speakers ($700)
Arcam Delta 290 integrated amp ($250)
EAD DSP 7000mk3 DAC ($420)
Melos DD2 transport ($350)
I have Discovery 123 speaker cables, Goertz Micro Purl Silver interconnects and a TaraLabs Prism digital cable. I was wondering what the comments are from fellow audiophiles about what I ended up getting - could I have done better with my budget?..what would you have done differently?....just curious.
Looks well balanced. If you like how it sounds, congratulations!! The only thing missing? is a decent power conditioner.
It doesn't matter what we think, what do you think?
you could not have done better- you could have done different but it looks great- you started out with above average cables too-enjoy!
I am very familiar with the speakers and that is a killer deal. Probably hard to get a better integrated amp for the price. Haven't heard the digital pieces but you can get an audio note cd 2 for $600 or less used and that is one nice player. Make sure you bi-wire those speakers.

You did good.
If you can add power cords get some of the Assylum cords.
Keep the Digital away from the same outlet as the pre and amps.Get it as far away as possible.Also pu the pre and amps on different outlets.
For the money, it would be hard to beat the integrated amp you bought, but ultimately that will probably need upgrading.
Sounds great. Ditto on upgrading the int. amp and getting some PC's when you find some spare change.