17 feet IC to long with Coincident pre and Franks?

I own the Coincident Statment Line Stage which I use in balanced mode. My gear is located at the side wall and I want to keep it that way. I use and need 17 feet IC.

I´m thinking about the Frankenstein monoblocks, which I understand only have RCA inputs .What about 17 feet RCA
IC for this combo? Will the sound degrade because of the long IC?
It would probably be best to ask Mr. Blume of Coincident. But my guess, given that the output of the CLS is transformer coupled and has a specified output impedance of 500 ohms, is that if you use interconnects having low capacitance (less than say 25 pf per foot) you'll be ok.

Also, the description of the CLS indicates that it provides an AC ground lift switch to minimize the possibility of ground loop issues. In general, ground loop issues (low frequency hum and/or high frequency buzz) tend to be especially likely to occur when long unbalanced interconnects are used, if neither of the connected components has that provision.

-- Al
Yes, call Israel and he'll give you an informed and straight forward answer.
My gut feeling is you'll be okay. Mikha65 what are your speakers? With the
right speakers I believe that you'll appreciate the Franks as much as you do
your CSL.They re cut from the same cloth. Best of Luck.
ALL I was gonna say was ping Almarg or Israel Blume.
What's happening with Antique Sound Labs these days anyway, all I ever here about are the Frankenstein ?
Or you can stick with balanced Interconnect cables and use the Jenson Transformers. They have one that goes from Balanced to RCA. So you can run your balanced cables all the way to where your amps are, then plug them into the Jenso Transformer, and go RCA out to the Amps very short distance. I have two if you are interested. I did this until I finally purchaced a fully balanced electronic crossover for my speakers. So, I'm balanced all the way to the amps. Jenson makes great high quality transformer setups. Get on their website and check it out. I used the DM2-2RX which according to Jenson (true) can be run both ways. RCA-XLR and XLR-RCA depending on the switch configuration. check it out.

Al, Charles,Mechans, Minorl thanks for your advice. My apologies to you .
I tried to post in this thread but for some reason was unable to. After some days I got so frustrated I gave up. I been able to post in other thread , so I don't know why it didn't work out on this one. This is my first attempt in a long time on this thread. Soon I know if it works.
Charles, my speakers are the Hyperion938. It drops to below 4ohms in the
lows, so It's not a good match with the Franks, I guess. Sensitivity 90 db/ 1m. I got tempted by the Franks because somebody was selling a pair here in Sweden for a very reasonable price. And because I have the matching pre. I' m sure that combo would be magic with the right speakers.
Thanks again, guys!
Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikha65,
I agree with you, the Frankenstein wouldn't be the best choice for your speakers. The Coincident Dragon MK II is the better option. I hope you're still enjoying the CSL.
I do enjoy it, to say the least