$1600 SCD-777ES - Where?

I've read a couple of times people saying they found the Sony SCD-777ES SACD player at J&R Music for $1600 or $1800 - I've been to the site and can't even find the unit for sale, much less at that good of a price. Any hints? I know that unit has come down in price and have seen it advertised for much less than list, but can't find these specific references. Thanks.
You should probably just call them. They were advertising it at $1799, and our firm has an account with them where we buy large quantities of computer equipment, so I got one at a better price. Hopefully they're not sold out.
Yes this item is not in their website, only thru calling their toll free. And I heard if you mentioned that you get it from the asylum site (it's an audio discussion site) you can get it for $1600 - worth the try
Verified with J&R Music today that their price new is $1,799 and the msrp is now $2,500. Did not get anywhere with the "asylum" discount however.
I bought one from J&R via mail order at $1600 plus shipping.
I bought one from J&R 2 weeks ago for $1800. It was in stock and I recieved it about a week after ordering. It is an awesome machine. It does need a substantial break in to warm up though.
Does anyone know the web site or phone number for J&R Music?
I have contacted J&R corporate sales to try to put together a group purchase of SCD-777es units. If anyone is interested, I will be calling them Monday to see if I can work a discount price at something less than $1600. Please e-mail me if you would like to be part of the group (and increase any bargaining leverage through sheer numbers.)
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I plugged in my Sony SCD-1 after a 15 year hiatus last month. Moved to a new house last week. The Sony player still sounds damn fine. Mine is a Vacuum State modded (v6) unit. My Sonare microRendu is misplaced from my move and I am back to listening to CD's until I locate it and fire up ROON. Glad to contribute to this important historical discussion.
I bough a mint used one. I sill like the slid door CD/SACD driver. It is a classical. Much of turntable design of digital player. Will keep it.