16-ohm driver question

I'm using phy-hp 16-ohm coaxial drivers, driven by Wavac EC300B. The amp is set to 8-ohm, but I'm told that it can be rewired for 16-ohm operation. I'm enjoying this combo, but wonder if I'm missing something that would justify rewiring the amp for 16-ohm.
Yes. If your amp was set up for 16 ohms, the output transformer would have less distortion. That translates to greater transparency and smoother sound. You will also get a little more power.
Thank you Atmasphere!
PHY KM30 FYI 16 ohm driver 70 ohm tweeter.
Followup: I recently changed the output tranformers for 16 ohm operation. Was easy- just resoldering one wire on each side. Initial impressions: more liquidity, more effortless, less congested. I'm glad I did it.
Hi psag,

I am facing the same dilema, just in opposite direction: I have 8 ohm speakers and would like to rewire my ec300b from 16 to 8 ohm. Could you provide me with info on how to do it? There are no instructions regarding this on my manual.

Mant thanks