~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought

There a chance I'll be able to make a significant investment in my speakers within a few months, and jump from $4K/pr Focal 926 to something in the 10-15K range. I'm running krell gear and have no intention of changing electronics, they are perfectly suited to my ears - - but if new speakers expose weaknesses, then I'll tackle that later.

Here's the thing: aesthetics matter to me, a lot, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love my art and home and music is a huge part of my lifetime joy. These are some of the brands /models that I personally think are beautiful, and I'd love to hear from folks who could speak to a possible pairing with Krell. I like precision, speed, clarity, and firm bottom. 

Room is approx 18x20x9. New or used is ok.

Von Schweikert Endeavor SE
Vienna Acoustics Klimt The Music
Magico S3
JBL Synthesis (4700, 9900, etc.) 
Spatial (loved the demos I heard but not sure if OB would work in my space)

Appreciate any insight, despite the aesthetic emphasis. 

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ebm I'd love to but I'm not driving to Minnesota! Local pu only 😢
gdnrbob, I love Vandy looks, but they certainly divide people sonically. I heard some many years ago, would like to audition more recent models. 

I'm just not feeling the Salk, shallow of me I know. Same reason why I won't consider Legacy, Tekton, B&W. Just don't dig the look. 
ebm, when I look at the epicon I always think "I am not worthy!" ditto Sonus Faber. Lol. They sure are nice.

yyzsantabarbara, very helpful thank you. I love the Blade look and am eager to audition. Ditto the Yammys. 
genesis777 yeah those are my kinda speakers, maybe just a different color for me. 
kairosman I love love love the Kanta looks, I'm not 100% sold on the Focal sound but those would be high on my audition list. 
mschott the Personas are high on my audition wish list thank you! 
Hi mglik, thank you! I absolutely am considering used. I hadn't considered Rockport, thank you! 
Thanks for all the advice, it's a lot to consider!! 
Larryi, thanks for those, very interesting! The Charney look a bit like Rethm and Vivid. I always love learning new stuff. 
Thank you both. Hilde, I've never liked the Salk designs but those are pretty good looking. 

dave_b, I was spoiled when I worked near the NYC Harman store. They are truly wonderful. 
tablejockey--I heard the sopras at a show with Naim gear (natch) and they didn't grab me. Obviously not a great way to listen. I love the design. 
rols, thank you for articulating my taste better than I could! Yes, that's it exactly. I adore the Kefs. Ditto the Steinheim Alumine. The big, rounded, furniture - grade finishes not so much. I like the Ascend towers too but I play loud and sometimes demanding music and they are just too polite. 
Kinross thank you for the Boenicke link. I love slim towers w/ side mounted drivers (except golden ear, not my cuppa). My first audiophile speakers were Rega RS5 and they are wonderful. 
mammouthguy54, I'm a big fan of domes, though I don't mind others. Dynaudio is very much my type of design, thank you. 
gmercer, thank you. I've always loved the Sopra look, though lately my tastes have been trending more towards clean/minimalist enclosures. 
nishan99, the Wilson’s I’ve auditioned were all excellent, although I personally felt the Tune (Tiny? Tater?) Tots were a bit forward in the upper mids, at least through Naim. But not the design I’m looking for, though the tots were tasty!

The only Triangle I’ve heard is the beautiful little AIO3 network speaker (I own two), which is great for the price. I’d definitely be interested in hearing more.
Mikeylee--keep me posted on the Atria. A few weeks is not doable most likely, but they are on my short list. 
Good advice, fleschler, thank you. 
Thanks nitewulf, I have a huge crush on the SF Olympica Nova series, which--weird grill aside - - are stupendously beautiful imo. Thanks for the ideas! 
Hi dramatictenor, I'm leaning toward SF Olympica, Focal Sopra 2, Rockport or Von Schweikert. The SF and Rockport weren't really on my radar before I put out this call for help but I'm impressed by what I'm learning about both. I've heard the Sopra so I'm hoping to audition a few more brands in the days and weeks ahead. I typically move very slowly and then very quickly once I hear "It" that I'm looking for. I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the folks here and so very grateful. 
Thomas, thank you. I'm fascinated by the plasma tweeter concept and would love to hear them. 
Headphonedreams, I love the look of the Boenicke and would love to hear them. I respect people who try to "build a better mousetrap" - - Ohm, Manger, Voxativ come to mind. 
Steve59, I'm leaning towards moving up the Focal line, since I'm so happy with the Aria already. Probably Sopra 2. I won't be ready to pull the trigger until early 2021. I might start rotating/reselling but hate the hassle.