$1500 to spend...

Current system:
Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/DAC
Rega Brio-R
Wharfedale Diamond 10.7

Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade my system with $1500 burning a hole in my pocket and wondering what others think. After a lot of research I’ve come to 2 options:

1) Purchase new speakers: Wharfedale EVO 4.3


2) Purchase used integrated: Rega Elicit-R or Yamaha A-S2100

I love the sound of my system and my speakers but I’ve recently moved to new home with a smaller listening room and my Diamonds sound slightly boomy/thudy in the bass. The new room is 12’D and ~10’W. A wall on the left and an open space to the living room on the left. Which option do you think better solves for my issue and also provides a significant upgrade for the money?

Cheers and TIA
Plug the HUGE port with foam & play around with distance from back & side walls...If you do upgrade speakers move AWAY from big floorstanders to a good stand mounted monitor..Your $1500.00 + sell the 10.7's will move you into VERY serious speaker choices...
Thanks @freediver have tried lots of moving around but not plugging the ports. Just did, already improved. So you vote for the amplifier? ;)I know my floorstanders might be a little big which is why I was going for the smaller floorstander in the EVO line with 5” woofers. My 10.7s have a much bigger cabinet and 6.5” woofers. Do you think the EVO 4.3 could be positioned closer to the wall and have less room interaction being smaller? I just really love the full sound of floorstanders and haven’t heard a stand mount reproduce something similar. 

BTW my $1500 includes selling whatever gets replaced. :)
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Here you go. Looking at his pictures, the OEM jumpers SUCK. I replaced them with easy to terminate bulk OCC from WireWorld. Also, I moved the XOs off the base which vibrates like crazy. Additionally, no telling how he has them positioned, and he has them on unspiked lifters over carpet. Mine rest on cheap Harbor Freight Dollys with rubber wheels

You’ll thank me if you jump on them

Politely: @jjss49 your comment isn’t helpful and you are really wrong about the Wharfedale speakers. You probably haven’t even heard them. Please move on. Thank you. 

I am with freediver on the suggestion to move away from floor standing speakers in that size room. True that stand mounts require stands at additional cost however these need not be cost prohibiting.  Audio Advisor sells quality stands.

Not to discount the Wharfedale speakers, I believe they represent good value at their price point, however I also believe they are the weakest link in your system. 

There are many standmounts that sold for $2500-$3000 that can be found used here an AG. As an example, I currently own a pair of Esoteric MG10s which I believe provide excellent sonics in my 12 x14' room.  Were I to sell them I would probably get $1400-$1500 for them. 
In room that size I’m using Magnepan LRS with Schiit Vidar, and at one time Magnepan DWM woofer...also think one of the small Totem two way floor standers, or Vienna Bach Grand...there are a bunch of small two way floor standers that work great in small rooms...
thanks @mesch do your standmounts reproduce the full lower spectrum without a sub woofer? My listening room is also our family room so the simplicity of floorstanders is important. And i haven’t heard a stand mount that provides the same amount of sonic information as a floorstander. Please do advise if I’m incorrect!

thanks @jl35 ive Demo’d Maggies and they sound great but need to be too far from the front wall to use in a multifunctional space. 
though the LRS is real easy to move back and forth...

lee, i don’t know you, and you don’t know me -- but if you read my posts on this forum, you will find that i don’t say things without proper basis

in the case of wharfedales, my experience is based on hearing in my own system(s) the following - linton heritage 85’s, evo 4.2, diamond 225’s - they were driven by hegel, naim and primare solid state, audio research and primaluna tube gear

wharfedales are not bad for the money, but you can’t compare their performance to higher level british speakers like harbeths proacs spendors... midrange and midbass can be bloated, and ultimately the transparency, openess/imaging, and top to bottom coherence just isn’t as good - not a close contest

when you make a post asking for input, you will hear people’s actual opinions and experiences, and my comments reflect mine - taking offense is counter productive to your pursuit of better sound quality in your system

you say you want to throw another 1500 bucks into your system, i take that at face value, and i say (as others have said) add that $ to your current speakers in trade (or resell) and do better, get better - for $2000-2500 used you can get into more serious, superior speakers than what you have

I am somewhat biased for stand mounts over floor standers for use in small rooms. Though they lack the bottom octave many provide a very taunt and accurate bass over those frequencies they serve. Many can soundstage and image beyond the speakers. The smaller room  help to support lower base. That said, Jl35 is correct in that there are several smaller floor standers that are available that may augment bass over a stand mount and serve you well. Either way I would shop for a used pair. Possibility look into use of a subwoofer as funds become available.

I believe if one wants to get into the bottom octave with speakers one sacrifices too much from the others. The lower the price point the more true my belief is. Quality bass costs. I am not willing to make that sacrifice. Very little of the music I play contains much in that region anyway (rock, Jazz, pop, bluegrass, folk). 
@jjss49 hey mate. No offense taken. And I appreciate your more thoughtful second response. But I’ll say, as with your first response, it is not very helpful: you don’t offer opinions on my actual queries, you don’t offer any alternatives, and you even imply that what I really should do is almost double my budget. Again - not productive to the conversation. Hope you take this as constructive criticism of your posts. I’m sure you’re a nice guy or gal. Be well!
@mesch thanks for that thorough explanation and your theory makes a lot of sense!  I listen to a lot of indie pop, electro, rnb, and lots of Prince, so I definitely need those lower octaves. 
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you even imply that what I really should do is almost double my budget.

your opening post -- ’$1500 burning a hole in my pocket’ - and you state have wharfedale diamond 10.7s -- which are $1399 mrsp, worth $700-900 used if they are in good shape

so available budget is $2200-2300 to upgrade the system as your stated goal - how does that double your budget, mate?
In a secondary post I noted that my budget already includes selling whatever component is replaced. Thanks again for your help?

ill also note that I was correct in assuming that you aren’t familiar with my speakers. 
Gosh I do hope you can move on from this and be well! Thank you!

I’ve added the Ohm MicroWalsh Tall speakers to my consideration. Could my Brio-R handle them well?
It’s a good amp.  50 w/ch should do well up to moderate volume. 
IMO upgrade your amplifier. Your source Marantz KI Ruby is the strongest link in your system(smart) Upgrade to a Marantz Ruby amp or a PM 11S2/3 both amps are a major improvement over the Rega. Adding new speakers could prove to be at best a sideways move since your Brio-R might be pushed beyond its capabilities. Also consider placing a Symposium Segue platform($200ea) under each speaker this will tighten and clean up the bass. With the addition of my Marantz amp suggestions you will be able(when ready)to upgrade with a wide variety of speakers.
@dayglow Thanks for this - as I've continued to mull this decision, this is the same idea i keep coming back to!  I listened to some Ohm Walsh speakers yesterday, they sounded great, but I didn't a feeling that I needed them.  Regarding the Marantz integrateds, I've considered them before but get the vibe that they are somewhat 'lazy' sounding, not propulsive or engaging.  Would you agree or disagree with this assessment and are there other integrateds you might recommend?
Yes the Marantz has a refined/relaxed sound. I'm most familiar with the PM-11S2, Heard a demo(about 8 years ago) with a Paradigm Signature 8 and could not believe the quality of the midrange and the overall liquidity. A wide variety of music was demoed and it was not lacking in bass maybe the large Paradigms had the perfect synergy? Had I not already recently purchased a Valve Audio Predator I would have purchased that amp. The newer 11S3 is claimed to have a better power supply so it might have more grunt/bite, I would avoid the 11S1 due to age. Krell is another(180 degree)different option the 400ix and the 300il would give you all the power and bass you would need but not as refined(liquid) as the Marantz. Avoid the Chinese made Krell S series amps known to have QC problems. If you asked which amp I would choose it would be between the Marantz PM 11S3 or Krell 400ix the condition and price would be the deciding factor both are great amps!

Once one identifies the sonic experience one is looking(hearing) for it is the combination of speaker and amplifier that will provide it.