$1500 bookshelf speakers with laid-back highs?

Hi all,

I currently have the Monitor Audio Gold GR series 5.1 system. I like a lot about it, but to me, the highs are a touch too bright. I am looking for something a little smoother, even if it means the highs are rolled off.

If anyone is familiar with the Sennheiser HD650 headphones, that is the sound I am looking for.

If you're talking just a touch laid back then the Aerial 5s are very nice sounding speakers.
Thanks for the responses guys. Actually this was a thread from last year, so I thought I would post what I did. I now have the Era Design 5 speakers with the matching center and surrounds. These are $900 bookshelves, which is much less than I was willing to spend, but I find they do exactly what I was looking for.

For those of you not familiar with Era, they are a newer company, and the speaker designer is Michael Kelly from Aerial Acoustics, so the recommedations for Aerial were not that far off the mark.
Vandersteen by a large margin