$1500 amp budget for Revels HT setup

I have a basement HT with F30s up front (6ohm) & a M20 for the center (also 6ohm). Rest of the speakers are two pairs of Infinity Primus 150s (8ohms).

A Marantz mid-fi AVR is powering them all now...i need a 3 channel or more dedicated amp to get the volume where i need it!

I cannot go above my budget and expecting to go used.

Look here:

-Outlaw Audio 7125 (new)

-Rotel RMB 1075 (new)

-NAD T973 (refurbished at Spearit Sound)

-NAD M25 (used)

-Rotel RMB-1085 (used)

-Parasound Halo A52 (used)

-Odyssey Stratos HT5 (used) or HT3 (new) amplifier.
If you can find one, an Anthem MCA-3 or, preferably, MCA-30 would be a significant improvement in both power and sonics. With 6 ohm speakers, you'll probably get about 225 wpc with the MCA-30.
The MCA-30, used, less than $1000. New, it was $1800.
Signature Home Theater is still showing it on their website, new, but I doubt it, as Anthem is apparently no longer making 3-channel amps. Still, they might have stock and be willing to deal an out-of-production piece. Normal dealer cost is about 60%, or about $1100.
How about the Classe CAV 75 for $900.00? It's a 6 channel amp or bridge the channels for 3-4-5 depending on set-up. Lots of flexibility. Could use as a nice house music system amp too.

I would go with one of the older Proceeds, as Revels were voiced with ML (maker of Proceed) amps, you can easily get an Amp3 or if you want to an HPA2 (only two channel) for your price.
If you want brute power any B&K amp will work well. They sound pretty good too. The topology of their amps are all very similar. Pick channels needed and wattage desired. Resale is awful so you can pick up a lot of amp in the used market.

Good suggestion Kennyt.
I love the Classe 75 and Proceed amp suggestions...i've been considering both as good mates.

I had a NAD 218THX amp (225x2) and it sounds terrible with the Revels.

Thinking the Classe and Proceed are good matches and should provide synergy.
You can buy new! Go to Underwood HiFi and cehck out the Wyred4Sound amps.
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