$1500-2000 Used Pre/Pro Recommendations

Need recommendations on pre/pro, 60/40 HT/Music. Thank you.
There are alot of nice choices out there..
You could get a B stock brand new Sunfire Theater Grand II
for 1600...
I own the Reference 30 easily had for 1400...
Another excellent piece is the Krell HTS 1 around 1600
and finally I believe I saw a Lexicon dc2 for under 2k.
The Krell has all balanced inputs...I believe the Sunfire does as well...
Alot of nice choices imo.
Best of luck and happy listening,
Custom Audio LLC
In that range you've got a lot of nice units as long as you don't need internal HDTV switching.

Some that come to mind in this price range..

Proceed PAV/PDSD...this WAS a $10,000 pair, but they have been selling regularly for less than $2000, and are truly amazing both at 2 channel and HT. If it meets your needs, buy one, you won't be dissapointed...if you later need HDTV switching, add on and Extron unit to do it. The units are FAR nicer than the AVP, as they use the best DAC's on ALL HT channels.

The Linn AV5103 is another one that comes to mind, but be careful..older units (SN less than 3000) don't have DTS... Much earlier models (Linn will only list the cut off here as ~1400 SN) had lesser processors and I would try to get a newer model. This was Linn's top of the line preamp, they used it to demo at all the shows, very sweet and smooth, especially if you like the Linn sound! These also show up for ~$2000, so I asume some would sell for less than $2000.

One more in that range that is very highly rated, though I've not personally listened to is the Sunfire Theater Grand MK II which can be had for ~$1500, and adds a tuner.

Just my .02
I have had my Meridian 565 w/7.1 (dts etc)for a full year. Before I had owned 7 processors within a year.Always keep in mind no processor sounds better that the amp /amps and whatever speakers you are using. The Meridian is all about sound quality. It has none of the toys the other processors have. (switching / zones dts-es/ pro logic2 sacd input)In 5.1 it killed the avm20 (with all the toys)I had at the time.It does have "sides" provision.--- Nope,mine ain't for sale. I'll wait till the 568.2's get cheap.
Proceed AVP with S-video connectors.
Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond which has been very helpful and informative.