15 AMP or 20 AMP Power Conditioner.

Which one should I get, 15 or 20 amp PC, to run Cary Audio CAD 211 FE and Cary SLP98, with VPI TT?
What about Furman 15 amp and 20 amp, are they good for high end stereo system?
Any feedback, please post.
I realize that I'm not answering your question but since I own one of these (see below) and am very happy with it, you might want to consider the power conditioner listed below.
If your wall outlet is 15 amp you would get a 15 amp PC. If it is a  20 amp outlet you would get a 20 amp PC!
or neither if you have no power problems

why do you think you have a lot of noise on your line - did you measure it?
I have Furman Elite PFi 20.  I got 20 amp version since it was on Audiogon sale (1/2 price).  It contains electrical noise filtering and non-sacrificial very tight over/under voltage protection, as well as Power Factor Correction.  Since most of typical linear power supplies draw current in narrow spikes of very high amplitude Elite's large capacitor and inductor store energy to supply current for these spikes, hence reducing current spikes from the mains and appearing as resistive load.  Power conditioners that are just plain filters introduce impedance in series causing voltage drop during high current demands and reduction in dynamics.  20 amp version can supply up to 55amp peak charge (45 amp for Elite 15 PFi).