14ga Magnet Wire Speaker Cable

Hey guys,

Replaced my $5000 cables, come on, I'm joking!

I took some 14ga magnet wire and twisted it with a drill and constructed some 10' single wire cables. I have been using Morrow SP4 and like them but rearranged my system and needed longer runs. Decided to give the magnet wire a shot after becoming interested in Anti-Cable, etc.

'Twas a pretty easy job. If you have the space, a drill, and are mildly good with your hands, you're fine. I used an old wood chisel to remove the coating by pinching the wire between my thumb and the chisel and scraping it off.

Sounds pretty good to me. I don't feel like I'm missing anything in dynamics, range, or soundstage. In fact, the bass seems very deep and tight. Highs are all there and not overly bright. Not muffled/ veiled or I would put them in the trash. To the contrary, very good detail in my opinion- Overall, well worth $20.

My modest system sounded good before and does now as well.

Anthem 225i
Musical Fidelity A5.5
Technics SL1200
Usher cp6311

I wasn't trying to solve or tune anything, just wanted to try it.

I'm retired at 54, so no I didn't have anything better to do. No diseases went uncured, no jet airplane engines went without maintenance.

I'm not affiliated with any magnet wire companies, just a redneck passing it on to those that may be interested.