14 Year Old Female Drummer

Not sure if you guys have seen any of these, but this chick can really play the drums!




C’mon you guys, let’s try and maintain some perspective and not distort some of the comments. Stereo5, I never said she was a "one trick pony" nor that she has never played with other musicians.

There is always room for constructive and tactful criticism. As a teacher to many young musicians over the years I can tell you that the students who don’t reach their fullest potential are the ones who DON’T receive constructive criticism so as to have a good understanding of what is possible and what true excellence is. More and more these days youngsters are only and blindly told how wonderful they are. Thoughtful criticism should be part of the mix. A sign of "lack of maturity" on the part of the adult? To the contrary. Not to mention that opinions expressed by adults in this thread can hardly be considered "criticism" that will have any impact on the subject in question.
There is a difference between "everyone gets a trophy" and the ususal cyncisim found on the net.   It nice to see the latter called out every so often.
FYI - She starts classes at The Drummers Institute in Dusseldorf on Friday September 1.

Anyone who wishes to help support her can donate on her Patreon page.