14 Turntable review shootout

Turntables are : Linn Sondek LP12, Pioneer Exclusive P3, Pioneer Exclusive P10, Micro RX-3000, Micro RX-5000, Marantz Tt-1000L, Yamaha PX-1, Thorens TD-126 mkIIIC, Technics SP-10mkII, Sony PS-X9, Luxman PD-555, Kenwood L-07D, Kenwood L-07D and EMT 930st

And the winner of this very interesting 1980 then state of the art showndown is??


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Dear Downunder: That same link was posted on this thread Vintage Turntables. ) last month:


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That was the peak for turntable technology, it coincided with the downfall of the Japanese economy. I wonder if the US economy is at the same place (ready for a serious downfall that will last decades)? And if so, are we seeing the peak in terms of High End audio in this country?

Or have the high end audio prices simply adjusted for the drop in the USD? :)