14 foot ceiling: Best surround speakers?

Speaker wires are in 14 foot ceiling -- cannot position surround speakers on floor. What should I use? Current system includes B&W N802's (L&R) and Fosgate FAP T1 as pre/proc. Proceed powering the N802's. Need advice re surround speakers and 5Ch amp. Thanks
Ever thought about the idea of flat speakers hanging on the wall? If it's for rear surround, the concern is no where near the as those for main speakers.

1) Acoustic Research Phantom series -- 5, 6,or 8.
2) ArtCousticUSA.com (nice and very expensive)
3) Gekko speakers

#2 & #3 are supposed to be as efficient in energy& power as Martin Logan. Good luck.
Just read your post and don't know if your still looking or not. Anyhow, I could very highly recommend you take a look at the Sonance in-ceiling line. I'm not up to date on their current models, but I had a pair of TR-4000's installed in my 14' high ceiling when my house was built about 4 years ago, and they are fantastic. They have the rotatable tweeter which I consider a must for in-ceiling. My system is a bit of mix&match that I set up to give me what I consider good performance to HT and music. I use Maggie 1.6's as mains, B&W HTM-2 center, and the Sonance. Surprisingly this system works very well. When I purchased the HTM-2 the one thing that surprised me was how well it matched with the Sonance. Both very detailed and sharp sounding speakers.