12v triggered power strip?

I would like to use my 12v trigger from my Integra receiver to control power to my acurus amp. I have an older a200x3 and will need to use the 12v signal to control a power strip or similar.

Are there any that work better than others in terms of not introducing any noise and or being more reliable?

Any recommendations?


I don't have an answer but was wondering the same thing. I also have an A200x3 and an A200 and want to try that also. Hope someone experienced with this method chimes again. Thanks for asking this question.

Many strips have 12v triggers. Look at Panamax and Fuhrman. They normally have 12v and also multi-stage power up.

My Panamax has 12v trigger for staged on and staged power down.
Another option, if all you want to trigger is the amp, is the Niles 12 volt trigger box, available from Crutchfield, among others. I used one with an amp that did not have a trigger, and it worked fine.