12V trigger wire

Hello, this is my first time posting to the forum so please excuse that I am a newbie. I decided it was time to upgrade my system and start listening to more music again.

So I have a Parasound P5 preamp and an A21 Amp. The amp is across the room close to the speakers, so I have two 50ft balance and shielded XLR MIC cables connecting to the preamp.

I want the amp to turn on when I turn on the preamp. So I got a 50ft mono wire with the 3.5mm jacks I need.

The P5 has a 12V trigger wire output, and the amp has the trigger wire input. I connected the two with the wire running from one to the other in the room, and it worked fine. Turn on the preamp, and the amp turns on.

But after I ran the trigger wire through the attic and down the wall, it no longer would work. I am thinking that perhaps the trigger wire is picking up too much electrical interference from the MIC cables along the route, or other wires in the attic. Is that likely the problem? Is there a certain type of trigger wire I should look for that is shielded better, or will be more likely to work?


Odds are the wire broke when you pulled it through the attic and walls, so check it for continuity, or the wire is so long, that the resistance of the wire attenuates the signal to the point where it won't work.  

Those remote turn on circuits are about as cheap as can be so don't expect high impedance inputs and high current drive outputs.  Translation - wire gauge will matter.

If the wire has continuity then try the test again with the wire in the living room lying on the floor.   It would take an intense electrical interference field to cause a problem, possible but I doubt it. 

If the solution is none of the above, call the manufacturer.
There's a switch you probably hit by accident. :)

The trigger wire is dead simple, no need for fancy stuff.

Thanks for the input! Yes Erik, there is a tiny switch, but I checked to be sure it was in the correct position! And I am sure that I did not break the wire in the installation. I ordered a new wire that is heavier gauge. I am hoping that will solve the problem.
That's a long run for 12 volts.  The voltage may be dropping below the trigger threshold.  Before you pull the new wire, hook it up in the room and see if works.  

Well, I solved the problem. I did not realize at the time of my first post, that I was using a stereo cable instead of mono. I did try it just running across the room before putting it up in the attic, and it did work. Why it stopped working once it was in the attic, I don't know. Most likely it had to do with it being stereo and not mono, and not making a good connection. I got a new mono cable that was also heavier gauge wire and better insulated, and it now works fine.

Thanks for the help!