12v trigger help needed with Pass X1 preamp

trying to hook up a trigger from my pass x1 too a levinson 432 amp. levinson has a 1/8th mini jack while the pass x1 has what appears to be speaker type pos and neg posts.

went to radio shack and grabbed a mono mini jack hoping to hack off one end and attach to the x1 posts. when i cut the end jack off, there is wire inside a clear plastic sheild along with some wires outside of the sheild (very few wires btw). can't tell which is positive/negative so i tried it both ways. neither worked.

any advise/direction would be greatly appreciated.
I wouldn't attempt something like that without having a multimeter available, to check for proper continuity and for the possibility of shorts.

Also, if your first attempt had the connections backwards, you would have been shorting the X1's 12 volt trigger output to ground. I suspect that would NOT have damaged anything, but there is no way to be certain of that without information about the 12V driver circuit.

Just to make sure that nothing simple is being overlooked, I assume that when you tried it that the 432 had its power switch set to on, and its power save mode set to either standby or sleep, as you prefer. And that you had the X1 mode set to "amplifier" when you tried to issue the turn-on command.

Also, you mentioned using a mono mini jack rather than a mono mini plug. What did you connect between the mono mini jack and the 432's trigger input jack? I presume that would have been a cable with mono mini-plugs on both ends.

-- Al
you give me *way* too much credit Al. knowing how to use ones equipment is always a good starting point. will do that next time. thought it was an "auto trigger" that powered up when the X1's volume was turned on from zero/standby.

just tried it and all is well. i can turn on the 432 via the X1. glad i didn't screw anything up(that i know of thus far?). no telling what i would have tried next?.

gonna put on a strange/conic hat and go sit in the corner now ;->.

thanks again.