12v Trigger connection for Pass Labs X150.5

Hi all,

need some advice here, esp from Pass Labs amp users. The 12V trigger of the X150.5 has two binding posts (Red and Black) just like the speaker outputs, that means it takes only spades input.

some of the pre-amp with 12V trigger has only a single 1/8" output. how to connect it to the X150.5? 1/8" --> Spades? to red or black binding post?

i'm confused. pls assist.

Thank you.
Spades are not absolutely necessary.

One alternative is to cut the plug off, strip a small amount of insulation, and connect the bare wire to the terminals.
Since the 12 volts is just going to a relay coil polarity is irrelevant. In my case I installed a 1/8 jack on a preamp that had only the screw terminals. If you don't want to modify equipment you need to cut off one end of a 1/8 phone plug cable and put spades on it (or just use the bare wire).
thanks for all replies!

one more qns.

the 12V trigger terminals of the X150.5 draws current of about 5mA. can i supply a output of 12V and 2.5A to it? will it cause any damages to the amp?

It doesn't matter how many amps the 12 volt supply CAN produce. What you draw will only be 5 ma.