12V On/Off Options for Amps do not have this

My preamp has a 12V trigger to turn power amps on and off.

The power amp that I am looking to use with this pre does not have this feature.

Does anyone know of high-quality device that would go between the the wall outlet (dedicated circuit) and the amp's power cord, which would turn the amp on/off, as it is triggered via 12V from the pre?

I only looking for this to be a 12V trigger, not a power conditioner, etc.

Get a 12 volr relay from Radio Shack. Install it in the amp, or in a standard junction box with an outlet (switched) into which you plug your amp.
...looking for a "plug-n-play" option that works as I described above.

I'm not looking to modify the amp in any way, and I want to plug the amp (as directly as possible) into a dedicated circuit that already exists, again, without modification.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.
Get one of these: Russound 9500-115592

It's exactly what you're looking for.
Niles Audio cs12v.
Jhoak & Yogiboy:

Thank you both for the recommendations. Both devices appear exactly what I need for this application.

Do you use these in your system? Have you done comparrisions to see if there is a performance loss with these in between your wall outlet and your component?

Does it degrade the sound? Does it add any any noise (hiss/hum/buzz) ?

Again, thanks for the recommendations.

I don't use in my system,just find a dealer that will take a return if it does not work out.I think cruthfield sells Niles.Good luck!
I meant Crutchfield.
I use one of these units in my HT system to power on a cheap amp I have hooked up to the AVR. It is tucked away behind the rack, and IIRC I think it is the Russound unit.

Every time it powers up or down I get a nasty pop/squeal from the amp. Sometimes it even sets off the amp's protection circuitry upon powerup. I don't know if the unit or the amp is to blame. The amp still works fine after a couple years, but I would think twice before using this on a high-end amp. Maybe the Niles unit would work better.