12V deep cycle battery to power Trends integrated

Will 6 ft 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Plug Extension Cable clipped at one end, then attachment of alligator clips for battery terminals provide what I need to power the Trends integrated? Building small system for friends in cabin without power. Thanks.
That will work just fine, and should provide you with many hours of listening with a fairly efficient pair of speakers. What will you be using as as source?
Thanks for response. For source, I've found that a non-powered Wadia iPOD dock will work well with an iPOD nano or Classic. A generator will be run occassionally to trickle charge the battery. A pair of smaller KEFs will be used....no it will not be loud, but adequate.
To bring out the best, make your DC trunk at least 12 awg wire and place filtering capacitors close to the application. There are presoldered 100,000uf/35V Rubycon capacitor arrays for sale on eBay. One of the lowest impedance deep cycle batteries is the 94AH Enersys Odyssey PC2150. I use two of these in parallel. They will last almost forever if you keep them topped off above 12V and don't use their deep cycle capability often.
Dgarretson, In a 12v set up there is positive and negative, I assume you leave the center ground alone?

Looks like this board would work well with a linear power supply also?

The boards now on ebay split the cap array to allow various configurations of filtering or two batteries in a +/- configuration using a center ground. For this application I would bridge it into one array by connecting V+ to V+ and V- to V-, then connect either the input or output header to the battery terminals(omitting the center tap.)

It would also work well with a linear or switching PS. I'm doing this now at 12V into a Schumann resonator.
Okay. I'm not afraid to display publicly my complete ignorance as to why I am using these Rubycon filtering capacitors. The 12 awg wire makes sense and so does the low impedence battery. Thanks.
@Dgarretson, OK I get it...if I didn't bridge the boards I could filter 2 batteries or 2 12vdc power supplies. Understanding that the filtering capabilities would be less.

@Celtic66, All batteries will still send some noise down the line, since a chemical reaction is providing the power, to the intended piece of gear. The cap board will help to clean up the noise, hence a better sounding 12vdc piece of gear.

I have a home made cap board between my Optima Yellow Top and the output to the power input for a 47 Labs transport.