12V DC Battery To power HT Cyber Lights

Can a regular 12 Volt battery (with the proper sized M DC power plug attached to connect to the Cyber lights) power the Harmonic Tech Cyberlights?
I would think as long as the (ahr), ampere hour rating, is equal to or larger than the rechargeable battery you are replacing.

would a car type battery work.?
Sure, the device, load, connected to the battery will only draw the amount of current, amps, that it needs to operate at.

I would recommend a fuse be put in series between the battery and the load for short circuit protection. If you know how many watts is comsumed in the circuit in the cable you can find the amp rating needed for the fuse. watts = volts x amps. watts/volts = amps. Just double the size of the fuse rating for the two cables. If you do not have any values, just pick a number,say 1 amp. Install the fuse at the battery, positive terminal. You should be able to pick up an in-line fuse holder with leads on each end and a fuse at any automotive store.

One thing I would check first is the voltage at the output terminals of the car battery. Depending on the charge in the battery the DC voltage could be as high as 14 volts.

How critical is the amount of voltage that can be connected to the cables? Is there a tolerance given, + or -?

Also make sure you use a sealed car battery. The type with vent caps give off hydrogen gas fumes......
I am still nervous about using a car type battery it seems so overkill.
Putting a one Amp fuse in line is a great idea!
Thanks a lot for your help!
Ozzy, instead of a car battery you may want to check out a sealed maintenance free rechargeable non spillable battery like the "Power Patrol SLA 1075 12V 7.2AH."
This battery is popular in fire alarm and security systems.

Go to Google and check it out.
I am using the battery kit to from Teres to power my Cyberlight. The cool thing of it is that the voltage is adjustable and does affect the sound of Cyberlight.
Where do you get the battery kit from Teres?