12s cable for perpetual tech. Dac

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get an 12s cable for my dac p3a - p1a or if I could make one myself? If someone knows how to make one please give me detailed instructions. Thanks

Also is anyone still modifying these dacs? I live in Miami Fl and would like to know of anyone in my area that does mods.
You can buy the connectors and tool at Lowes or Home Depot.
Can u please give me more details such as name of parts and cable and how to put it together
There is no straight answer or standard pin out. Often they are RJ 45 connectors. What is the other device and what are you looking to do? Empirical Audio and M2Tech have info online.
I am using a perpetual technology p3a dac that connects to the perpetual technology p1a processor.
Revelation Audio labs in Palm Coast Florida does I2S cables in both size fittings. They made mine for the larger I2S cable for a Muse DAC several years ago and did a fantastic job. Check out revelationaudiolabs.com

I have no affiliation with the company, I'm just a satisfied customer.
Thanks for response the only thing is that cable cost about what I paid for the dac. Did the i2s cable make a audible difference in your dac? Was it worth it?
It made a significant improvement compared to the the stock 13W3 I2S cable which came with my Muse DAC and transport. It was expensive but well worth it in my sytem IMO. The sound improved in various ways, including better tighter bass, larger and deeper soundstage, clearer and more dynamic.
The Revelation I2S cable made a significant improvement to my Perpetual Technologies P-3A and P-1A when I was using that duo.
Hi chess man , thanks for that response. Since you owned the p stack could you tell me if the p1a when receiving 48khz does the green light supposed to turn red and stay red? Also what dac did you replace it with. I think the perp dac and p3a work good for me since I mainly use it with my sonos which is said to have a lot of jitter . The p3a is supposed to get the jitter down before it goes to the dac.
Can anyone provide the docs for the two PT boxes? I seem to have lost mine.


The P-3A is the DAC. The P-1A is a digital upconverter and re-clocker that did reduce jitter imposed by the SPDIF cable feeding it. Green/Red lights really depend on the exact function in question and unfortunately I do not have the instructions. As I recall there is a phase invert choice that can result in a red light. There is also a choice regarding having the P-1A upconvert or having the P-3A upconvert. If you choose direct the P-3A should end up with three green lights and a red light would indicate a failure to lock the signal. Really need the instructions because each button was multi-function.

I went to a BAT VK-5D SE CD player when I stopped using the dac.
This article will help a little, although it is not the operator's manual (which I recall was all of one or two pages).