12BH7 Nos

Which 12bh7 nos do you prefer?

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I dont think that there is a bad old stock 12BH7. Many talk about the RCA black plate but I have always preferred the "house" sound of Tung Sols. To my ears, RCA always had a bit or a tendency toward the warm and rich and I prefer a bit more extension and linearity. 
Thin Black plate CV5042. Not the Brimar branded 12BH7a ones. 
And what do you prefer for 12ax7 ?
I would be oriented on Raytheon, Tung-sol, Sylvania or Rca black plate.
Amplifier QS Silver mono KT88 (90watt).


12AX7  I've heard a lot of these. 
These are the best in my opinion.
1. Shuguang Black 12AX7LS from Grant Fidelity. (Top grade version. Need 20 hours burn in so comments based on that. The best of both 2+3 below. Black backgrounds, great soundstage, best bass and tight through the frequency range. Tons of detail.)
2. Telefunken ECC83 (clean, neutral, transparent, detailed.)
3. GE 5751 black plate triple mica (70% of the gain but grain-free and black backgrounds. Small but very detailed soundstage)

In my two amps that use 12BH7 I can't say that I have noticed a difference between tube brands or NOS and new.

12AX7 is another matter entirely.  Long subject that has been discussed and rehashed before on this and every other audio forum.  There are too many variables to give you a specific opinion.  What amp, speakers, music, budget - all important data points and considerations.  Some sellers; notably Brent Jessee and SND Tube Sales, offer picked and graded used tubes of may NOS 12AX7 types.  Some of them are pretty darned inexpensive.  But yourself a small selection and try before you buy.