12ax7 and 12at7 for Jolida 202a

I have a Jolida 202a amplifier and am seeking some advice on replacing the pre and driver tubes. I am still running the stock jolida tubes and hear that new pre and drivers will make a huge difference.
Any Suggestions?
I have a Jolida 102B that uses the same front end tubes as the 202. I currently use 2 Telefunken/Fisher 12AT7's and an orange globe Amperex 12AX7. This combination has given me the best combination of detail and tube warmth. Mullard reissues,Tunsgram & RFT 12AX7's have also worked very well (in fact I will probably switch to the Mullards when the Amperex dies) but unfortunately I have not found another 12AT7 that sounds as good as the fairly pricey Telefunken/Fisher. I hope this helps.

I just ordered Mullard 12ax7 and jj tesla 12at7 at the recommendation of the tube depot. I will let you know how they work out
From what I've seen, Jolida skimps on tubes. Usually, cheap Chinese ones. Start with some mid priced ones and you will be amazed! Check sites like tubeworld just to learn about the different tubes and prices (they are pricey). Then, buy some and try it out? I'm not into used tubes but it is a cheap way to find out what you like. Try: tubesandmore.com, thetubestore, echohifi, upscaleaudio.com and many more...