12AU7 tubes for a Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 Integrated

I believe my unit was shipped with JJ tubes. Wondering what tubes others have tried. Looking to steer the amp towards more 'bloom' and less clinical.

Maybe Mullards?



I was noting the less expensive short plate 60's production @ Blackburn and Heerlen.

I actually prefer them to my older (now super expensive) long plate versions.

A modern 12au7 that interested me (reading between the lines of the reviews) was the JJ ECC802S, but having had problems with the undersized tube pins on their (JJ) 300B/2A3 tubes I never tried them (don't know if it's even a thing with their small signal tubes).



@thecarpathian  Yes was an interesting read. Thanks.

I spent some time on the Brent Jessee website.  Read the review of the Pharaoh II.

Been running my Sphinx Ii for several hours. Seems to be sounding better as hours go by.  Going to let it break in. Get adjusted to how is sounds. Room is rather barren at the moment, still needs window shades and more furniture. 

Have yet not called Mark O'Brian of Rogue Audio. I intend to do so. 

I hope not to spend more than ~$200 on a pair of tubes. 

Thanks to all contributors!   

Let us know what tubes you are interested in before purchase.

I have a good many pairs, all nos, and am thinking of putting some up for sale.

Not a Sphinx, but FWIW when I had a Rogue RP7 (driving a ST100 I still have), my favorite 12AU7 type in the primary position was the venerable Amperex 7316.  It was the most dynamic, holographic, with just the right amount of "sparkle".  The Amperex 7316 is difficult to find these days and commands quite the price.  For a "fatter" sound, but still plenty of top end air and a wide bandwidth, RCA black plates did very well.  These tubes were sourced from Brent Jesse.  I tried many 12AU7 combinations and spent entirely too much money doing so, but I learned a lot and it was fun.  Honorable mentions go to the Ken Rad 12AU7, which is a very unique and beautiful, almost chimey (in a good way) tube.  I did not like, and TBH have never liked Mullards in my equipment.