12AU7 tubes for a Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 Integrated

I believe my unit was shipped with JJ tubes. Wondering what tubes others have tried. Looking to steer the amp towards more 'bloom' and less clinical.

Maybe Mullards?


RCA 12AU7 clear top have a fairly large happy following. I’m using them in my Dyna/VTA 70 amps, and have been quite pleased. Those might be worth a try. Also available under the Conn brand.

Hey @mesch you can have fun messing with different 12au7s in that unit. Also seeing the lower version standard white MCaps used in yours stock. You can do better here too. I’d call Rogue first and ask them what upgrades (tubes and cap changes) they’ve tried or taken notes on from customers. Maybe they will share more. Not always. Most of the larger mfgs use basic JJs for low cost, availability, and reliability in new-production amps produced in volume.

If it helps, my current mono tube amps use both 12au7 and 12at7s for input and drivers. Tried at least 20 different au7 pairs (mostly vintage), and while some of the best are my vintage "close triode matched" mid-60s Mullards, yes, was able to find a nice smooth tone with newer production Psvane au7s as an alternative.. If you want new production vs hunting matched triode pairs of vintage tubes, you could try the psvane 12AU7-S Art Series / ECC82. Viva and a few others sells them. They are fairly smooth and open up a little more after they are run in 75+hrs. Using psvane now in my current mono tube amps. Not too bad.





I upgraded with some GE 6189W tubes that I got from Upscale Audio.

To be honest, I replaced the JJ's early on when I got the Rogue, so I can't take anything away from the JJ's.   

With that said, the Rogue is very smooth sounding with the GEs.  I am using the Rogue with a pair of Zu Audio Omen bookshelf speakers.  I am pleased with this pairing and enjoy it a lot.  

The speakers you use will most likely have more of an effect than the tubes.  I was originally using Golden Ear BRX's with the Rogue and while I liked it and it sounded good, the Zu's are much more to my liking.  

Interestingly enough, I read somewhere (either a magazine review or Rogue literature) that tube rolling was not necessary.