12' x 14' room; $10k budget for speakers; help

Associated equipment:
ARC amp & preamp; VPI table W/Soundsmith; Cary SACD; Magnum Dynalab tuner; Nordost cables; Silverline Sonatina II speakers

Performance preferences:
Non fatiguing; able to handle the dynamics of classical orchestra; articulate (it would be great to understand what Ricky Lee Jones is singing); bass to 40Hz

Listening preferences:
I grew up in New Orleans in the 50's; went to college in the 60's; worked for the opera in the 70's; & have worked in a modern jazz club since the 80's
I listen to old R&B; psychedelic rock; modern jazz; some classical & Broadway.

The system is setup in a smallish room (12w x 14l x 10h) dedicated to 2 channel stereo. The speaker need to be on the 12' wall.
There are only two local high end dealers so there are few speakers to audition. I travel some & am willing to audition away from home.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Busted link


Salk audio circle

Soundscape 8, ht3 and ht2-tl all great speakers
The new PSB Imagine T speakers will suit your stated requirements and while able to reach down into the bass, will not overload your room. they are very quick, clean and articulate. The Synchrony One is also suitable, but maybe a little large for the room. Either is available for under 5k, so you would have plenty left over for other improvements.
I love the sound of the classic kef 107 - on youtube, you can sort of get the idea of the sound. If I were buying new speakers today, I would hunt these babies out on ebay or here... They can be had for less than 1k too!
The new evolution audio mmmicro ones would work well for your room size. It will be well under your budget in price not sound.
I was about to suggest OP that he should audition the MMMicros or the Vapors that have been getting rave reviews. But noticed that he NEEDs to spend $8K to $10k.
I second Rlwainwright's advise.