12 volt trigger not working

i had been using a Niles AC-3 voltage activated AC outlet with my previous Preamp. This allowed me to have my amp turn on when I turned on the Preamp by running a connection from the AC-3 switched outlet to the 12 v trigger on the Preamp. When I tried to duplicate this with my new psaudio BHK Preamp, the amp does not turn on. I tested with other equipment and the Niles works fine. Is there something I need to do to activate the 12v trigger on the BHK? The Preamp apparently does need 100 mA to activate the Niles and I do not see this spec anywhere in the PSAudio documention. I will contact psaudio on Monday since they are closed now but hoping for some thoughts.

Have you looked at the preamp's manual? It appears the 12v trigger has an adjustable delay. Did you wait long enough for it to activate?

I see the delay option but it is only 5 seconds.  I did have a chance to call PS Audio.  They claim the preamp puts out 40 mA through the 12v trigger.  The Niles AC-3 switch apparently requires 100mA to be activated. If that is true, it would explain why it doesn't work.  Furman has a electronic relay that they say will work. I will check into that.