12 Volt Cable Burn In?

I just made a pair of CAT 5 speaker cables following the Venhaus recommendations. A gentleman who worked at the cable vendor suggested that a speedy break in could be accomplished by connecting one cable end to a light bulb receptacle and the other to an electrical outlet and illuminating a 12 volt bulb for 24 hours. Any thoughts?
Sounds lame to me. How can subjecting a wire to a 0.1 A 120 VAC 60Hz mostly-inductive load (you did mean a 12 Watt lightbulb?) in any way improve audio performance? If there were anything to the cable burn-in "phenomena" wouldn't you want to subject it to the environment it would be expected to perform in?
The breaking suggestion may indeed have some merit, but you'll never know unless you try it.
I am going to make up a second set of the cables and make a comparison when my hands recover. I'll report when it is done.
I run each roll of silver hook-up wire on the line side of a 100w light bulb for a day to precondition it....Been doing this for about a decade and it works fine to loosen things up, but don't go for more than a day....
Did the burn in for 24 hours. I have to say it was a success. Far less sizzling sibilance, and the bass seems more focused. I am going to try to get the energyto make a second pair and do an A/B comparison as best I can.