12" Arm for Clearaudio Turntable

Can I use 12" arm on a Clearaudio Champ II turntable? For some reason, I was under the impression that this length of arm required a different table/arm placement design than for use with a standard 10" arm.

If the Champ II is like many Clearaudio TT's with pod-mounted armboards, you can have an armboard made to accommodate virtually any arm. You have to follow the arm-pivot-to-spindle-center distance for that specific arm, adjust the cartridge overhang and align the cartridge at the correct null points and you will be all set. I recently went through this process on a Clearaudio Ref TT for a Zeta arm with a brass armboard machined by a machinist friend. This worked incredibly well. Only potential issue would be height where you have an arm that sits high above the LP. For this, the position where the arm mounts to the board would need to be lower than where the board mounts to the TT. I have seen such designed boards used on Clearaudio TT's for this exact issue.
The Champ II can only go as far as a 9" arm or less. I tried the Graham Phantom L on it but the overhang is too much. The standard Phantom fit perfect.

jafox, the Champion series has a plinth and a small one at that (18.5" x 15.5") with a cutout for shorter arms.
Thanx guys. So, Clearaudio makes a 12" Unify arm. Which one of their tables might accomodate something like this? I thought all their tables were similar in dimension.
Only the SOLUTION series.......of course, the MASTER REFERENCE, too!