12.12.12 concert

So which act gave the best performance last night at the 12.12.12 concert? Even though they are all getting old, I would hate to have to follow the Boss, Clapton, the Stones, Pink Floyd (Roger Waters), and then the Who!
I got bored during Clapton as usual and turned it off.
I did not catch all of the concert. Hope there will be a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray release.
Stones looked like they came out of hell to perform. The look of death. The Who looked almost as bad. Drugs steal years off ones life.
The Who
Actually, I thought Bruce started it off pretty good.
Roger Waters
Roger Waters... Hands down!!!
Glory-"What's looks got to do (got to do) with it?"
Roger Waters rocked! Glory, you have to remember Mick Jagger is very close to 70 years old. I hope I'll be able to move like that for 20 minutes!
I'm eagerly waiting for my t-shirts to get here!
I recorded all 4 1/2 hour of the broadcast but I missed Paul McCartney and Nirvana, how were they??

Roger Waters had assembled some of the best musicians for sure, the guy on lead guitar and the drummer absolutely rocked!
My favorites were Bruce, Chris Martin, and McCartney. All three were great, IMHO. I was a little suprised I enjoyed Martin as much as I did.

Understanding that this was an incredibly long concert - and therefore probably not practical - I was very disappointed that various combinations of people didn't play at the end. I would have shortened each invididual bands sets, so this could have happened. I love the collaborations, including the seeing the joy on performers faces while they are playing with others.
Brf... I agree on Roger Waters for sure and Billy Joel's performance was excellent too. The guy on the sax was great and Billy was in great form too. I think Diana Krall came out for one band and played piano but I forget which one.

I was recording it but my DVR cut off Billy Joel's performance in mid-song as it went to another time slot. I restarted it and caught the end of the concert with McCartney.

McCartney played some great songs but i didn't like the ones he did with Nirvana... he was screaming and got drowned out by the band. Some people liked it but I didn't.
My one question is how can Nirvana be Nirvana without Kurt Cobain? I mean really,that's like The Police without Sting.
Wow. I think I must have watched a different show. I found this difficult to watch after seeing the majority of these bands at the top of their game. Daltrey has earned enough respect from me as a rock singer that he can leave his shirt on at 68. Stones cut it too short. Roger Waters just about did everything but tongue-wash Eddie Vedder's ear...and oh by the way, let the band play - guitar solo on Comfortably Numb was too short - dude was good. Alicia Keys was a surprise for me - never really listened to her much before but she carried it well for a while on solo piano. As soon as Kanye West showed up in his leather kilt, I poured a neat Macallan's 12 and headed straight for vinyl.
C'mon, no mention of Kanye West? Maybe you all tuned him out too.
Stones looked like they came out of hell to perform. The look of death. The Who looked almost as bad. Drugs steal years off ones life.

I couldn't disagree with you more. Roger Daltrey looks incredibly good for his age. So does McCartney. Roger Waters looks arguably better then he did 30 years ago, and hands down better than 99% of men his age out there. Entire time I was thinking how much better on average all of these rock'n'roll guys look than the majority of their age counterpart multimillionaires who run corporations, politicians, or other public figures - grossly fat or obese, bald, out of shape, just plain disgusting. I don't know whether it's drugs, sex and rock'n'roll or doing what you love that keeps you young, but it was amazing to see all of them kick ass on stage and loving it. We should all be so lucky.
Roger Waters was an easy no 1. Highlight of the eve--Comfortably Numb Bruce too much sermon-type stuff--would have worked better near the end of the show. Clapton all good. Chris Martin very good. Who--very good effort understanding that Roger is missing or no longer attempting the high notes. My old visions of the totally cool Daltrey (vintage 69 thru 79) have been replaced by the face of a dowdy grandma who is dying to show us her/his muscles (we know you work out and shave---just tell me next time don't show me).
The Stones have mailed it in for years. Mick--stop jumping around and talking through the songs. Just doesn't look right anymore. The stones should stop performing so they don't obliterate my great memories of their tours in the 70s, 80s and 90s. McCartney has so much plastic surgery that he looks sad when he's happy and happy when he's sad ---but he sounded very good although his valentine song took the wind out of the place-awful.
Oh, let's not forget another standout --Alicia Keys. Can't comment on BonJovi and Joel because I don't like their music.
I give the concert a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Really want to see how great concerts like this can be? Check out rock n roll hall of fame concert at the Garden---especially on blu-ray (one of the best of it's kind ever). I will admit that the hall of fame had a much greater lead time and rehearsal opportunities---but what a great show with Jagger and Bruce really shining and so many others. Concert for 9/11 also pretty good.
I thought I was in a wax museum


Look like hell sound like hell. The old farts need to get off the stage. Paul /Eric have a little left in them.
The Who..IMHO blew them all away..though I only watched up to 11pm eastern. They've still got it.
I tried, but Bruce wouldn't shut his hole and I had to turn it off before he started playing. I'm sorry, but, as much as I may respect some of the performers as artists, I couldn't care less about what these people have to say about anything. I recall seeing an interview with Elvis, in which he was asked his opinion on the Vietnam war or something of that nature, to which he replied (paraphrase), Well, I'm just an entertainer, so I really have no opinion on that. Or something close to that. More of these musicians and actors should take their cue from Elvis, IMO.
Didn't see it and probably glad. Chayro - agree with you. God help this country when the vacuous pontificating of a privileged, ignorant, self-important and let me say "hypocritical" (though in fairness, they probably don’t realize it) elite , not to mention the blather of popular media (e.g., "The View" and B. WaWa in particular, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbemann, Sean Hannity and the self-congratulatory O'Reilly) passes for informed discussion and shapes the consciousness of the electorate. If I sound pissed off, I am. AND since this is supposed to be a forum related to audio and not politics, let me quote Frank Zappa for the benefit of all the genius-pundits out there, “Shut Up ‘ N Play Yer Guitar” ( for those who can’t play, just shut up). IMPO'dO - of course.
Kayne West can keep going west until he's between LA and Honolulu!
Ghost house that is some spooky writing.

FZ want a loser he was!!
Charyo-Dylan is the thought leader in that area.
Dylan had one of the best lines I ever heard - when asked what he thought about the piracy going on with digital music files, he said (and again, I paraphrase), Well, it all sounds like shit, so it ain't worth nothin' anyway. Beautiful.
I guess his talent is not the only thing on the wane.