115V to 230V Transformer wiring question

Hi all - new around here and need someone to verify what I'm about to do. I have a audiomat arpege reference 30x2 tube amp that I purchased in France 6 years ago and want to use it in my US house. It's 230V 50hz and it's not possible to get the audiomat 115V transformer in the US (sigh).

I've purchased a rather large industrial 2kv 115V to 230V step up transformer to solve this problem. It arrived today and it's beautiful. It resides in a proper enclosure so it will not be an issue to keep in the room.

Here's my question. I have 2 terminals on the 115V house power side + a ground terminal. Ok that's easy, but on the output 230V side it only has 2 terminals and no Gnd terminal. Since the Gnd is not part of the actual transformer circuit, is it acceptable to tie both 115V and 230V cable gnd's to this 1 gnd terminal? I see no other option and am guessing my amp wouldn't like the gnd to be floating.

Thanks for any feedback. -Ryan
After looking in the amp at how the amp side ground is wired, I decided this is a likely me over thinking the issue, and I connected both grounds to the single ground post. Testing w/ volt meter everything looks ok now.
Best you find the US distributor and get their help, otherwise it is a crap shoot. They should be able to tell you who does there US service and that would be the ideal source of information.