110V to 230V power conversions

Hello, I'm new here...just looking through some of your systems; there's some crazy stuff there.

Anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of the favourable exchange rate at the moment and get some hifi stuff from the US.

Does anyone have experience of converting from US [110V] to UK [230V]. I'm thinking in particular of Pass Labs X600 and X1, and possibly a Sony SCD-1...?

How much would it cost roughty to convert? Does the cost depend a lot on what component it is?

It does depend if it's a power amp or just a CDP. There are transformers around which do the job perfectly. Make sure they measure more than the amp will need in wattage!
Good luck!
Most electronic equipment is designed for the global economy, and uses transformers that have split primary windings that can be connected either in series (for 220 v) or parallel (for 110v). Many units have a switch that the user can throw to make the changeover. If there is no switch, the rewiring job in minimal.
The CDP no problem ,

the Pass 600 I wouldn't do it, just pay the fee to convert.
A proper transformer will probably cost more thatn converting.

e-mail me if you need any info
Thanks for your responses guys. So, the conversion sounds easier/cheaper than I thought it would be....and if it's not I can always just use a transformer. Proy/anyone do you have any idea of the cost of converting; would I be looking at $50 or $500 or what?

Thanks again
If the unit has a switch, the cost is zero.
If there is a jumper plug, perhaps internal, cost is trivial. Pop the cover and take a look.
If the transformer has split primary winding (almost all equipment does) the (fair) cost is 1/2 hour of labor.
If the transformer is not split winding, get a different piece of equipment.