110V to 220V Q?

Hi, I just wanna try out the cheap pro-ject phono box, so I ordered one from somewhere in UK. so I need to find little adapter (110V to 220V) or whatever that I can plug in for few days then I'll have my friend or someone around here build a PS for it. Where can I find the adapter? radio shack? Thanks.
Yes, while most adapters go the other way for foreign travel with US devices, thay have a step up converter - #273-1411 for $31.99 in current catalog. Look at radioshack.com for info.
Sndsel, Thank you!!!!!!, Rute.
Running 2transfos(the one in your unit+the step up one) will be desastrous to the sound quality of your UK unit. Why not go 220vac(with help evidently).
Praudio, I somewhat agree with you, but this's just for few days and smaller system until I find somebody to do it right. Do you know anybody in Atlanta who can do it? Regards, Rute.