$1100 to spend used -integrated or separates?

Hi. I have approximately $1100 to spend on my amp/preamp combo. For that price (used) I have found some separates that seem like a good deal. Or, I could go with an integrated amp.

The speakers I will run are Von Schweikert VR-2's. The separates that fall into that price category that may be what I am looking for are the C-J PV10A preamp and B&K Reference 4420 amp (225 watts)-I have heard that the tubed preamp and SS amp are a good combo for a wide range of speakers (talked with a couple of people who have used this combo and really liked the results).

Also a possiblity is a good integrated amp. Not as much power as the B&K, and tend to hold their value better. I was primarily looking at the Creek 5350 SE, Classe CAP-101, and Musical Fidelity A3.2, all of which can be had for under $1100. Plus, I won't have to buy pricy interconnects, and can spend more money on a DAC later.

What is the better option, sound-quality wise? The components I am looking at retailed for $2700 new, while those integrateds are in the $1600 price range new. Does that mean the separates are of higher quality? I hear lots of people raving about integrateds these days. Do I need all of that power to drive my speakers (medium-sized room, moderate listening levels) or would I be better off with the smaller amp of an integrated?
I will say I love my Blue Circle CS intgrated.

New price of $1150 US.
It beats my old Linn pretek preamp/Bryston 3B

Out of the others you mention I only have experience with the MF 3.2. Let me say that I think the 3.2 is a good amp (but perhaps a little dark sounding), but overall I prefer the Blue Circle. It's has much better musical fidelity (Sorry, I could not resist :) )

Aronov LS-960I tube integrated amp has been running around $1250, used, and still sounds the best to me at this price point, delivering very elevated performance. Model is currently being listed new for over $3000 (I think) , as the cost of manufacture continues to rise, which makes the used price seem ridiculously cheap.
Worth stretching your budget a little if you want a more uncompromising standard of excellence in a unit that won't leave you restless for more.
Nother sweet integrated to check out is the Conrad-Johnson CAV-50. I believe C-J has discontinued this, but you can sometimes find one used in roughly your price range. I used to own one of these and I seriously regret letting it go. The C-J is only 40 watts per channel, but I was able to drive 3 different speakers successfully. The sensitivity and impedance of the VR-2 may be a deciding factor if you decide to go the integrated route.
Thought I'd chime in here - I'm running a Musical Fidelity A300 Integrated with the Von Schweikert VR-1 monitors. I don't have any experience with the A3.2, but the A300 paired with the VR-1's is anything but dark. I've been very happy with the combination and the fairly new VR-1's sound better every day.

The A300 has more power than the A3.2 too and can be had for $800 or so when they show up.
Sorry - I didn't completely answer your question.

In my (admitedly limited) experience, the quality of many integrateds today preclude the necessity of separates. When I began auditioning equipment for my last upgrade, it became very clear to me that integrateds were the way to go. Plus, as you mentioned, I didn't care for having to purchase another pair of interconnects or, for that matter, adding another pair to the signal path.

As for power - the Von Schweikert speakers aren't the most efficient on the block and, from what I've read, the nature of their crossover design make them fairly power hungry. I can tell you that when I auditioned the Creek 5350SE and the Musical Fidelity A300 - there was no comparison between the two. Especially in the handling of the bass; the MF won hands down.

I auditioned Cambridge Audio, Creek, Bel Canto, and Musical Fidelity integrateds with the VSA speakers. I fairly quikly dismissed the Cambridge Audio and Creek; the Bel Canto was out of my price range. Even if the Bel Canto had of been more affordable, I'm confident I would have still gone with the A300.

Good luck - let us know what you end up doing!