110 voltage question

I just purchased a Mistral DT 307B Integrated  Hybrid Amp ( rated at 110 volt)

Is it okay to use it here in USA ( 120 volts ) ?



Use a Variac and it will last 1000 years probably. I use one on all my older Macs. 100-110vac they work perfect.. The pair I use them on is 1965-69 model MC225 and MX110z. Other than an ECC83 (12AX7) a couple of times. The original Telefunken valves are still in them both with GE Mcintosh power valves. 

120vac they would have blown the PS or something up years ago.

I have figured out a lot of things with a Variac to. Mostly how to quiet a transformer down and play late night with ZERO floor noise.

I like it when the wife messes with it. NO you have to hold that and turn that up.. 

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