110 volt to 220 volt - can i use my 15 amp power c

as I have no electrical knowledge, I have a 220 volt preamplifier with an internationl power cord , if I convert my 110 eletrical socket to 220v, can I use any 15 amp power cords? pls advise
Should not be a problem.

Sorry, 220V in US/Canada has two hots, one neutral and one ground and requires special outlet/plug. There is a way to do it by abandonning the neutral, but that is not code and not advisable to someone without electrical knowledge. Electricians might not be willing to break code. Best advice is to use a step-up convertor/transformer.
Sorry. Misunderstod the question. A converter is of course the best way. Once that is done - any 15 amp cord can be used.

I haven't heard a convertor that doesn't degrade the sound. Many components can be readily changed between 110 and 220V. Have a look inside the box, sometimes it is simply about throwing a switch. If not, check to see if the primary side of the power transformer is two windings wired in series - reconnecting them in parallel will convert it to 110v, or get a tech to do it for you.