10K system

What audio system would put together for 10K?
It depends your room size and genre of music you prefer and how loud you play music.

Sometimes WAF also matters.

Most wife does not like Tekton Design speaker which looks ugly like coffin.

If OP give more details, I am willing to give my opinion too.

Belles Aria, Odyssey, Magnepan, REL, Elac, Salk, Zu...all depending on what’re actually wanting...
Failing to know someone's musical priorities has never stopped folks from making wide-ranging recommendations based on their own personal preferences.  Plus, I was aligned with @tvad 's thoughts here.  I thought the secret sauce always consisted of selling everything you already have, buying a Raven integrated at the price point you can afford and support any associated gear with as much SR, PPT, and BDR products that you can throw at it.  If you want to add a vinyl system you must always somehow find a way to integrate a Herron phono stage and Soundsmith cart....and with some tape and a dot on the tonearm.  There's really more than one possible "correct" solution????
I'd go with a modern receiver, something like the AVM Inspiration ($6,000).  It has a phono stage, FM tuner, D/A converter, CD transport, streaming and a power amp.  NAD, Micromega and others make similar products.  Pair that with something from Tekton.  Only one power cord and a pair of speaker cables and you're still under the $10k budget.
Hmm...thinking what I might wantSpeakers: Focal Aria / Revel Performa / Kef R7 (R700) floorstandersSubs:  2 JL Audio E110Integrated amp: Parasound HaloStreamer: Bluesound Node 2iHave fun!