10K system

What audio system would put together for 10K?
Assuming gear is purchased used...
  • Devore O/93 speakers - $5K
  • Music Reference RM10 tube amp - $1.8K
  • Benchmark DAC3 HGC with analog volume control direct to amp, bypassing need for preamp - $1.7K
  • Bluesound Node 2 ($400) or Bluesound Vault 2 ($800)
  • One pair Dueland RCA Interconnects and speaker cables from Acoustic BBQ - $700 total
  • Optical cable from DAC to Bluesound digital streamer - $120
  • Two Cardas Golden Reference power cables - $500
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Brooklyn DAC and amp from Mytek.

Speakers from Fritz.

Room acoustics from GIK
The keys to building a system are knowing your needs and preferences, your room, and your plans or goals. The system I would design for someone who places a high priority on streaming, mega bass and high volume in a dorm room is completely different than for a listener who enjoys intimate singer/songwriter LPs in her living room.

Since all we know here is the OP wants a system for a 10K I would say start with half an hour and work up to an hour, then a week of interval training at race pace and you should be good to go.

too broad, ditto for MillerCarbon's response

is it based on streaming from the internet, playing records, CDS ???

is there a certain genre to focus on? HipHop or rock that requires a strong bass line or classical or ???

In any case an integrated front end is the key at this price point which eliminates the need for some cables

I also think spending anything on upgraded power cables or much at all on any cables at this point is money better spent elsewhere