10K system

What audio system would put together for 10K?
Assuming gear is purchased used...
  • Devore O/93 speakers - $5K
  • Music Reference RM10 tube amp - $1.8K
  • Benchmark DAC3 HGC with analog volume control direct to amp, bypassing need for preamp - $1.7K
  • Bluesound Node 2 ($400) or Bluesound Vault 2 ($800)
  • One pair Dueland RCA Interconnects and speaker cables from Acoustic BBQ - $700 total
  • Optical cable from DAC to Bluesound digital streamer - $120
  • Two Cardas Golden Reference power cables - $500
millercarbon will be along momentarily.

Start by researching Raven Audio, Talon Audio, Tekton Audio, BDR Cones, Synergistic Research Master Coupler and HFT/ECT...

Brooklyn DAC and amp from Mytek.

Speakers from Fritz.

Room acoustics from GIK