10K$ Speakers for 845 SET amplification

Hi ,

I'm looking for speakers for my new customer made amplifier.
They are tubes of course:)
211 is driver , 845 is the power.
26 watt of sweet deep sound.

Would love getting 3,4 candidates for 10k$ (used only) ,
1.high efficience
2.Deep bass - usually those high efficiency speakers have some "light weight" bass ,i love deep with fast attack sound
3.MID - most important - can consider even horns .
4.3D Stereo sound - Somehow the high efficience speaker i ahd (La Scala , L300) was suffuring from bad bad bad imaging , It was nice ambient sound but u couldn't tell what is the middle where is the guitar and etc...

Thanks for suggestions
Tannoy Kensington
Zu Definition Mk III or IV? Your target price is right between the two. They both have 101 dB sensitivity, a near full-range main driver, and built-in powered subs to handle what SETs don't do so well.
Avantgarde Duo or Trio.
DeVore 0/96's come to mind, but they are 12K new. Running them successfully with 25 watts, EL34's.
The Rethm speakers perhaps, not sure you can ever match the the built in powered bass of some of the other systems.
I second the Rethm speakers suggestion , specifically the Maargas for your price range if you are looking to get 3D Stereo sound and transparancy. I'm extremely happy with them powered by my 20 watt Shindo Haut Brion.

Heard the combination of Horning loudspeakers and Tron SET amplification yet again at the Capital Audio Festival last weekend. Best of show by a country mile.
As Trelja said,HORNING.
I have Horning speakers powered by 845 mono amps.
I cant say enough about this combo.
Of course my Tron Syren preamp must be mentioned also so lets say its a fantastic trio.
Coincident speakers sound GREAT with SET amps - that's why I own a pair.
Coincident,Horning and the Zu DEF IV. I doubt you could go wrong with any of these with your amplifier and stated priorities.
A 211 tube driving an 845....interesting.

I have used Coincident speaker sucessfully with an 845 amp.
Zu Definition 2 or 3, or stretch for Def4.

There's no speaker more ideally matched to 845 SET characteristics. Next best, for a lot less cash, is Zu Omen Def or Zu Superfly. This is a case where the speaker is a true complement to the tube and the tube to the speaker.

Advantgarde speakers. Good Luck
Altec A7's.
musical affairs speakers
Daedalus Ulysses would fit the bill perfectly.
Second the Daedalus Ulysses, especially if it includes the "all-poly" crossover that was introduced about two years ago. That revised crossover, which was originally offered as an option but is now standard on the Ulysses, resulted in its already easy to drive impedance characteristics becoming significantly easier.

However, you'll probably have to be very patient to find a pair used.

-- Al
Another thumbs up for the Ulysses
What about the JBL K2 models?
DO u think they will work with 845 SET amplifiers?
Used Avantgarde Unos or (perhaps) Trios can be had in that price range. Full range and 100-107dB sensitivity.
Again, a recomendation for Daedalus. I use the DA-RMA's, similar to the new Athena and they worked well with my Viva Solista, 845SET and now, the 20watt Ayon Spark. About 96db sensitivity and a benign load. I understand they would work with 8 watts, but something north of 20 watts would give better control