$10k Speaker Cables??????????????

Where does this madness end??? My friend the editor reviews this craziness!!

Cheers George
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@geoffkait  Garden and Gun? Its a southern thing. If you'e not from here, don't try to understand it. I live it. But not like in the magazine.

uberwaltz, model not included. Can't say she was all that pretty anyway.

glupson, if I recall it was one of those restored wooden runabouts that cost the same as a Ferrari. Or maybe it was a sailboat. Or a dock. I threw the magazine down after seeing $400 towel. 
I guess price is relative. I run 2.0 mtr Jorma Statement sc’s which are $23.3kUS (circa $32kAUD), but in the context of my system they make sense.
Absolutely! We must protect ourselves against the, ahem, liberal agenda.
Yes, Garden and Gun, Field and Stream & AK, Home Design & Semi...etc.   Happy Stocking!
Folks complain about pricing of everything, so it seems like we don’t need threads like this. But folks like complaining, so be it. Did we learn anything from this group cathartic event?

And how much is too much for any given aspect of an audio system? Some have no issue about spending $20k for a Rockna DAC, but complain about spending a given amount for a speaker cable. Everyone’s got priorities.

Arguably, the input power lines and the listening room acoustics are the areas one should spend their money, because those two areas dictate to a large extent how an audio system performs. But mostly crickets are expressed about those priorities.
Well, I spent $3000 on just duplex AC outlets. And that was on sale, Retail they would have been $5000. just for a small pile of AC outlets very similar to what you can buy for $5 each at Menards. But these were genuine audiophile outlets....  
I must be a cricket?