$10k Speaker Cables??????????????

Where does this madness end??? My friend the editor reviews this craziness!!

Cheers George
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@geoffkait  Garden and Gun? Its a southern thing. If you'e not from here, don't try to understand it. I live it. But not like in the magazine.

uberwaltz, model not included. Can't say she was all that pretty anyway.

glupson, if I recall it was one of those restored wooden runabouts that cost the same as a Ferrari. Or maybe it was a sailboat. Or a dock. I threw the magazine down after seeing $400 towel. 
I guess price is relative. I run 2.0 mtr Jorma Statement sc’s which are $23.3kUS (circa $32kAUD), but in the context of my system they make sense.
Absolutely! We must protect ourselves against the, ahem, liberal agenda.
Yes, Garden and Gun, Field and Stream & AK, Home Design & Semi...etc.   Happy Stocking!