$10k Speaker Cables??????????????

Where does this madness end??? My friend the editor reviews this craziness!!

Cheers George
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As I have said many times before: $10K cables, and for that matter, $200K turntables, $600K speakers, etc etc exist because there are so many people these days with net worths north of $1B who probably send someone out to do their audio shopping for them. 
Never pay more than 1k for your smoked  wallabie.....'low and slow is the way to go'
The world has less that 3,000 billionaires-- no, these products are made for high net-worth professionals and of course, the venerable trust-fund-babies. Pity the fools that actually believe they have improved their system by dropping $10k on one set of cables. I've said it before; once you hit a certain threshold of material and build quality (unless you're buying pure silver, platinum, or gold), there are no more improvements-- just differences. As in fine wine. You want to believe that your $10k cables bought you "better" sound? Of course you do! One other thing-- a lot of the "buzz" some folks get from buying crazy expensive stuff comes from the warm and fuzzy feelings they get believing they've bought something that's out of "your" reach. Setting them (and their toys), in their minds, apart and above "you". Whoop-te-do! Oh, and if it's not clear enough already, I am not saying cables don't make a difference or that a cheap Radio Shack cable is as good as an Audioquest model etc., just saying with cables, quality plateaus in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars. Many cable-makers are absolutely chumping their customers with outrageous claims and laughing their asses off all the way to the bank.
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I saw a Montblanc pen made in conjunction with Purdy shotguns ($100k for one of their guns is nothing). One of the higher level pens is priced at 120,000 pounds. I'm not sure what that is in US dollars. It is a very pretty pen. If you can buy a 120,000 pound sterling pen that will never touch paper, then $10,000 speaker cables are nothing at all. Nothing. And you don't have to be a billionaire for that type of luxury either.

I've heard, urban legend maybe, that there are Ferraris sitting unclaimed and covered in sand in Saudi Arabian airport parking lots. 

Those of us who are merely affluent have no idea what real big money is like.