$10k Speaker Cables??????????????

Where does this madness end??? My friend the editor reviews this craziness!!

Cheers George
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It's not rokit sergery. It's wire.

It’s not all wire......
..and yes, it can take more than a week to build.
Are $10K speaker cables worth it?

Like many things in life, IME, the answer is "it depends."
cakyol +1. Does it really matter what the price is?  The market sets the price. There may be a few people out there who are willing to pay that price and they could care less. The market is set to what the majority of us are willing to pay for cables. Don't fret about the ultra high end gear. It will take care of itself. Just listen and be happy!
OK, let’s see, who’s making more money, the dude selling 10 speaker cables @ $10K per pair or the dude selling 100 speaker cables at only $200 per pair? Oh, wait! Crap, I see what you mean!