$10k DAC in a 3k system?

Hello all,

Ive owned the same audio rig for 8 years or so (Rega Mira 3 amp> Rega RS5 speakers) 

My source into the Mira3 amp is a headless fanless micro windows7pc I built running jrivermc> musichall Dax 25.3

i am reading some phenomenal things about some of these Dacs in the 10K range ( Chord Dave, Ayre, Lampizator,PS Audio, etc).

My question is a simple one: the other pieces of my system sound great to me, but are at a much lower price point collectively than one of the dacs mentioned above. Do I need to be concerned about my Amp/speakers being fast/dynamic enough to facilitate a Dac like the Dave? Or could I plug a top notch Dac like that into my system and hear the same things I've heard described in the reviews (but on a relative level) ?

thanks in advance for any insight!
Well glad to hear you are being honest with yourself, it may sound great but is it better? Or just different? You own it so take sometime let the Gingnur burn in do some do some A/B comparisons and let your ears be the guide. And don't worry about being "good" at anything its your ears and your happiness. Good luck and happy listening!
i have a modest Rega system and i am  very happy with a 7 year old NAD D1050 which i think retailed for $600 new.  any DAC in this price range in the last 7 years is probably good enough.  it does everything well. very musical and detailed, timing. the usual suspects. save your money.  it took Digital 30 years to get it right, but it was worth the wait.