$10K budget. Help

I have a $10K budget and would like to upgrade my Mcintosh MA6500 integrated amp and Monitor Audio GR20 speakers.
Would like to go with a tube integrated with a phono stage.
Speakers, I would like monitor's. New or used.
Any help would be appreciated.
Mostly jazz (black female singers in particular) Sinatra, Bennett NKC, some classic rock, Beatles, Van Morrison, blues, Butterfield, Mayall, Buddy Guy.
Volume would be on the plus side of average.
I'm in Sarasota, FL with a few dealers to choose from.
Consider the Exemplar Audio Exception integrated. Outstanding sound quality. I recommend 90db speakers and above. I own it along with the Exemplar T105 (upgraded Oppo 105) and you will have to spend in the high $20K to $30K to better it. It does not have phono pre.
What will the 10k go towards? Integrated, phono and speakers (and also cables)?

I love the Ayre AX7e for that price range. It's got the best of both tube and SS worlds. Inky black, ultra low noise floor for best detail retrieval. It's got pace and rhythem and it's bass is outstanding. They are meant to be run balanced and not single ended to sound it's best. I ran my Basis TT though that and a pair of Vandersteen Treo's and it was awesome. I just upgraded to an Ayre AX5/Twenty (best amps I've heard other than the ref Twenty mono blocks from Ayre. I had my AX7e as well as my new AX5 Twenty in a wilson dealer who sells Mac too. The Ayre's both just blew away the MAC (their tip of the line separates. Have also heard it one on on vs AR gear and Aesthetix gear and it was awesome. I did love the AR gear, but it's very expensive. I don't love the AR integrated amps as much as their ref gear. Rogue and Quicksilver are awesome tube gear that are very reliable and affordable if you have to have tube gear.

Speakers are all over the place IRT monitors. Wouldn't you want a full range speaker? As long as you have a small footprint it will take up the same amount of space as a stand mounted monitor. I was going to go the monitor route last year, but ended up with Vandersteen Treo's and have never regretted a second. I get emerged into the sound even when listening/watching TV. They disappear as well as most monitors and are full range (well down to mid 30's quality wise).

I too listen to vocals, jazz and rock. Now that I have a fuller range speaker, I listen to Orchestral too. Never did before. If you are open, I'd think about a floor stander, but that's just me. If your room is smaller go with the Vandersteen 3a sigs as you can dial in the powered integral subs.
"I'm in Sarasota, FL with a few dealers to choose from."

If you're willing to take a ride, check out these stores: Audio Center in Deerfield Beach, Hollywood Sound in Hollywood and Wellington Audio in Wellington. They're not to far from each other, so you should have no problem getting to all 3 in one day.

I've done business with all of them, and only had good experiences. These stores are definitely worth your time.