$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy

For much under $10K I can get a pair of Martin Logan Masterpiece’s Classic ESL 9 (the new ones retail for $6.5). Alternatively, I might go ahead and get a used pair of the top-of-the-line ESL 13 with all the bolts and whistles the modern electrostatic speakers offer: an unbelievable 3D-almost-surround-like staging and very detailed, life-like sound. Those Martin Logans speakers do have a huge speaker emission surface (the sound radiating "panel") emitting the sound bi-directionally and these speakers are almost the human hight tall.
The same $10K would also get me a top-of-the-line Tannoy Arden speakers (8K per pair). On the used market, if I am lucky, I could get a pair of Turnberries. Tannoy, while does have some unmatched style and a "company history-story" factor, apparently doesn’t even come close to be able to give the same sound experience Martin Logan speakers do. Tannoy speakers radiate sound from a single 10", 12" or at best 15" driver. The speaker themselves are significantly smaller than Martin Logan ones. They are barely hip height.
The esthetics and design is a huge factor for me, I do love Tannoy speakers. But, from a practical standpoint, and because the main reason I am getting the speakers is still the SOUND, and not the speakers design, I am heavily inclined to get a less-by-my-opinion-styled speakers made by Martin Logan. Because MLs, regardless of the price, offer a wider, cleaner, more life-like sound than Tannoy speakers do.
If the sound reproduction is the only concern, why would I choose a smaller, a single driver Tannoy over state-of-the art technology implemented in Martin Logan?

If you don't mind buying slightly used speakers and more importantly have the space for them, I would recommend the Focal Sopra 3 speakers. If you are patient you can find a like new pair for your $10,000 budget as I did. These are IMO even better than my previous Sonus Faber Amati Futura speakers and that's saying a lot. 
I have a higher end system and still have my 20+ year old Legacy Focus speakers. Although I intend to upgrade to Von Schweikert VR9 MkII, the Focuses can be purchased at $2500 to $3000 used. They have ample deep bass, smooth frequency response, wide sound, ample dynamics, etc. They require about 30 watts with good current (low impedance bass). So, easy to drive, 14" square often found with rosewood finish. Even less expensive is the Signature IIIs which have 3-10" woofers which really punch hard and have an ambiance rear tweeter. It is also an excellent speaker which is easy to drive with 18 watt 1978 receiver even. For over 20 years, I owned mid-level stats including Acoustat 2+2s and ML Monolith IIIs. The MLs were totally unacceptable to my new wife due to inferior seating availability, inferior bass, inferior dynamic range.... I bought Legacy Focuses which is a prefered speaker by three friends including Tom Port of Better Records who uses them for business and Steve Hoffman who used them for remastering for about 10 years. You won’t be sorry unless you place them in a bedroom (they need some space to sound great). The Signature IIIs could work in smaller rooms.
I like the Harbeths 40s as well but their looks are so plain that they may offend. I also like the Magnepan 3.7i but it lacks the deep punchy bass and wide seating area (Tekton has the bass but not the wide seating area either).  I've also heard the Sanders several times.  It was excellent sounding in a fixed, single seat (like giant headphones) but also requires very heavy power.
Some of these guys are nuts. All this noise about ML listener fatigue is simply white noise. Of course you choose ML’s over overpriced Tannoy’s! If you prefer realistic sound that has no equal choose ML. Always!!!
I've ended up buying Martin Logan Masterpiece's smallest model, ESL 9 9. They sound way better than ML Aeries I have had for the last 16 years. I also purchased two pair of Tannoy SGM 10b monitors which I would like to stack on top of each other to get a more sound volume. I haven't connected Tannoy speakers yet, but ML ESL 9 sounds to me hypnotizing. I can't wait to hear what Tannoy monitors sound in comparison. If both MLs and Tannoys sound equally good, I consider keeping them both.