$10K-15K short list?

Hi all,

I have a budget of $10K-$15K for a pair of full range towers. I am open to used or new.

What should be on my short list to audition or consider?

Currently have a Mcintosh amp/system.
Consider Daedalus Argos, excellent, near, full range speaker. 
Oh yes and Michael Green Audio, though I doubt you can audition them anywhere except in Las Vegas. My choice would be either Michael Green or Lansche speakers. Add to this Lamm, VAC or Ypsilon electronics and you will be set for life, long life.
This is maybe gonna come across wrong but keep the Salks and buy the house sooner
if the economy keeps doing well houses will go up faster than Audio....
no judgement...
I'll add Joseph Audio Perspectives to the mix as ones to audition if you can. 

Another JA Perspectives fan, I see.

I auditioned the Perspectives and they are on my (very, very short) list of speakers I'm considering as replacement for my Thiels 3.7s.