$10K-15K short list?

Hi all,

I have a budget of $10K-$15K for a pair of full range towers. I am open to used or new.

What should be on my short list to audition or consider?

Currently have a Mcintosh amp/system.
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Understood about moving up in Salks. Just want to make sure I'm considering all options given all the changes in the industry in the past 10 years.
I  seldom reply to subjective posts simply because what I think should be on someones short list doesn't matter.
Plus how can any one answer without knowing your room all associated equipment and music genre .
However, it just so happens that today I heard Devore 0/96 ,Wilson Benesch Vectors and of course I must through in my Horning Aristotles.
All within your price range and sound exceptional.
All should do very well in most rooms except maybe a great room.
Of the three I hate to say this but I think the Vectors would be my choice.
I have a pair coming for home audition and if it works with my components and room and can reproduce sound to my bias' better then my Horning's I will be buying them
@ricred1 ,
Point noted and that makes sense.

You have the EXACT thoughts that I do. A $10-$15k loudspeakers should last 10+years, more maybe. That is why it is difficult for me to lock to my next upgrade. I will take more efforts to hear some more. Been doing that for the past 2 years. But hopefully this summer, the search should end. Good luck in your search and keep this thread updated with your search.
dhanks, In your price range I would also consider the Wilson Audio Sabrina compact floorstanders ($16k/pair new) as well as Vandersteen and Vienna Acoustics. Or the Sonus Faber Olympica line or higher. And the new B&W 803 D3 ($17k/pair new) wouldn't be so bad either. These new B&W 800 D3 series do not use Kevlar midrange drivers anymore and sound quite a bit better than their prodecessor D2 models which still used Kevlar midrange drivers. B&W has gone through total redesigns and engineering with their new 800 D3 series model. 

But out of these loudspeakers mentioned above my first choice would be the Wilson Sabrina and these speakers will pair well with McIntosh gears.
The Sonus Faber and the B&W 800 Diamond series will also pair well with the McIntosh. 

Try to get as many as home demo speakers as you can and listen to them in your own room and with your equipments. It comes down to personal preferences and musical tastes when it comes to speaker choices. We all have different tastes when it comes to speakers.